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Is working in the Adult Entertainment Industry for you?

This is an extremely important question which must not be taken lightly.   Each of our models share a common interest in the content contained within our site.  We encourage anyone who may be considering this type of work solely for the money to seriously consider the consequences of appearing in adult films and websites.

The internet is a unique medium allowing extremely rapid sharing of content and information.  Once your photos are published it is impossible to undo.  Any photos or videos in which you appear may easily cause issues years down the road.  This needs to be carefully considered before entering into work of this type.  Individuals have lost jobs and been cast out by family and friends after the discovery was made they have worked in the adult industry.

One question to ask yourself to help in making a decision on whether to work with us or not is, "Is this something that can be incorporated into my chosen lifestyle?"  As mentioned before, each of our models have a lifestyle within the gay community and have chosen career paths that allow for the possibility of their work being discovered.  Either they have a previous commitment to the BDSM and Adult Entertainment lifestyle or have become part of a community which accepts this lifestyle openly.

If you have any questions or wish to speak with us in your attempt to model for our industry, we are happy to discuss this with you.  Simply send us your information through the 'Apply' link above.

Thanks for considering working with ExtremeBoyz!


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